American Style Foxtrot Syllabus

Style:American Smooth (Ballroom)
Music:Medium-tempo jazz/swing music.
Tempo:120 - 136 beats per minute
Basic Rhythm:Slow-Quick-Quick or Slow-Slow-Quick-Quick

Foxtrot is a smooth progressive dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor. The American style version of the Foxtrot takes many forms: The Bronze level Foxtrot, truest to the original Harry Fox version, is a simple combination of walks and chasses ideal for social dancing. Silver American Foxtrot adds continuity, taking on the quality of its International counterpart. And with the possibility of open, apart, and side by side movements, the Gold level Foxtrot resembles the signature styles of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

Beginning Bronze
1a.Forward Basic<<>>
1b.Back Basic<<>>
2a.Hesitation Left Turn<<>>
2b.Hesitation Right Turn<<>>
3.Left Box (Reverse) Turn<<>>
4.Side Sway<<>>
Intermediate Bronze
6.Progressive Quarter Turns<<>>
7.Progressive Quarter Turns to Right<<>>
8.Forward Changes O.P.<<>>
9.Backward Changes O.P.<<>>
10.Right Box (Natural) Turn<<>>
11.Promenade w/ Underarm Turn to Right<<>>
12.Promenade w/ Underarm Turn to Left<<
Full Bronze
13.Right Pivot Turn<<>>
15.Back Twinkle<<
16.Twinkles to PP & CPP<<
17.Promenade Check<<
18.Promenade Twist Turn<<
19.Promenade Pivot<<
Beginning Silver
21.Continuity Runs
22.Open Reverse Turn
23.Open Natural Turn
24.Brush Twinkle
25.Back Twinkle
26.Hover Corte
27.Passing Changes Forward
28.Passing Changes Back
Intermediate Silver
29.Twinkles to PP & CPP
30.Promenade & Counter-Promenade Runs
31.Syncopated Underarm Turns
32.Promenade Release
33.Underarm Release
34.Closing Twinkle
Full Silver
35.Curved Feathers
36.Curved Threes
38.Promenade Grapevines
39.Open Counter-Promenade Grapevines
41.Natural Pivots
Open Gold Variatiations
v1.Foxtrot Variation 1
v2.Foxtrot Variation 2
v3.Foxtrot Variation 3
v4.Foxtrot Variation 4
v5.Foxtrot Variation 5

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